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$15 Fast-Food Wage Per Hour, Accepts For New York City by 2018

 October 25, 2015  /  Comments Off on $15 Fast-Food Wage Per Hour, Accepts For New York City by 2018

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Isn’t it felt good when the wage of you goes higher by the order of the court? Same thing happen to the people of the New York for the fast-food related daily workers. According to the new order of the court, the hourly wages reach until $15. The fast-food wage board of the New York City recommended the minimum wage of the people who are working in the fast-food stores.

$15 Fast-Food Wage Per Hour, Accepts For New York City by 2018

According to the decision, the wages will reach $15 by 2018 in New York City. On the other hand, they have gained the policy to spread, the higher wage throughout other states by 2021. This is a great move for the low income people in the United Sates. You can watch all the latest event from usa network live stream.

This is considered as a political gain of the Gov. Andrew Cuomo to the labor unions, but still this is great news for the low income people. On the other hand, these higher wages of the labor will slightly increase the cost of the business too. As a result, this could lead to the job losses in the New York in the near future. Moreover, the price of the fast food will go higher rapidly if this move forces to the market.

Cuomo, the state labor commissioner has appointed three member board regarding the recommendation. Within a short time, the fast-food minimal wages get unanimous approval on the board because of the high demand from the low-earner people. However, there are some terms that a business person must accept in order to ensure the wages of the fast-food labors.

The state labor commissionerdoes not take the action rapidly to the business because this will increase the business cost and increase the price effect. Therefore, this move will go slowly and the wage will go higher year by year instead of imposed all changes in together.

According to the wages recommendation decision, the New York fast food labors will get $10.50 per hour at the end of the 2015. The wage will reach for the $12 in the December, 2016 or January, 2017. $13.50 per hour wage is fixed for the year 2017 that will finish by $15 in 2018.

$8.75 is the current wage rate at all types of industries in the New York City. However, the team has also moved the price to the $9 by the end of the 2015. Therefore, this is really a good move for the NY city’s labors. Keep yourself entertained by watching usa network stream online.

With the increase of the university fees, tuition fees and other price hike problem, New York City labor union has taken the action. For that reason, this will be a great plus for the fast-food industry labors in upcoming years. Although there are some misconnects among the owners of the business, they will surely take it positively to the business. Market specialist is predicting of the high price of the fast-food items in the upcoming years. But, the health experts are welcoming the move because people will leave the junk food if the price increases with the increasing rate of the wages per hour.

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