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4 Ways To Make Your Student Accommodation Homely This Year

 October 27, 2014  /  Comments Off on 4 Ways To Make Your Student Accommodation Homely This Year

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So you’re a student living away from home, either for the first time or returning back to the daily grind of lectures, seminars and of course the busy social life.

After a few weeks at university, it might be time to start thinking how you can make your space a little bit more homely but within the tight student budget.

4 Ways To Make Your Student Accommodation Homely This Year

Student accommodation is often depressing, four walls, a bed and a desk. This post will show you the little tips and tricks to personalise and add a bit of personality to an otherwise boring white room.

1) Pictures

4 Ways To Make Your Student Accommodation Homely This Year


When living away from home, it is important to have little reminders of home placed around your space. You can use a filter or print pictures in black and white or even use a Polaroid to add a bit of style and uniformity to the pictures. Hole-punch the photographs and thread some ribbon or string and hang to a notice board. Another idea is to hang thread and attach Polaroids with mini clothes pegs as seen below. If you’re handing pictures from wooden beams or exploded timer, make sure you use coach bolts.

2) Room Accents

4 Ways To Make Your Student Accommodation Homely This Year


An easy way to incorporate a bit of colour to a plain university room is to play with soft furnishings and accessories such as a rug. Having a rug adds warmth and texture to an otherwise hard and scratchy carpet. You can find good, inexpensive rugs as well as a whole host of student-appropriate goods in IKEA. You can also add warmth through lighting with a bedside lamp and also a desk lamp. colour doesn’t have to be hard, you can change up your duvet cover and throw- also use plenty of scatter cushions to give texture and extra coziness. Even features like coloured magazine holders and bins can brighten up the room. Personalise your room with your interests, such as posters- this will also create a fun talking point with your flatmates.

3) Greenery

4 Ways To Make Your Student Accommodation Homely This Year

Having a little bit of greenery can help spruce up a boring university room. There are plenty of plants out there that require minimum maintenance such as cactai. Being desert plants means they can be watered and left alone for a few days- just ensure they are placed on a windowsill with plenty of access to light. You could also try planting an indoor herb garden with some of your favourite herbs to use in home-cooked meals. Also keep these in sunlight for at least six hours a day and water regularly.

4) Keeping your Room Smelling Fresh

Candles are not allowed in most university accommodation but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your room a nice signature scent. One of the products you can use are reed diffusers, these come in all different price ranges, but many decent diffusers are available for quite modest prices- try your local supermarket. Reed diffusers work by rattan reeds absorbing scented oils, which then are released into the air. Room sprays are also an option- although often the pricier option for a good spray, these come in a wide variety of fragrances. Spray a couple of mists around the room to freshen up the space.

Check with your landlord first before you make any drastic changes, as damages from using screws to hang pictures and other items may result in the loss of your security deposit. Once you get permission, either shop at your local trade merchants or head to Tradefix Direct for budget DIY supplies.

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