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5 Crazy Weapons That Are Legal In Most States

 April 10, 2015  /  Comments Off on 5 Crazy Weapons That Are Legal In Most States

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America loves its weapons. It seems as though this constitutionally protected love extends to some firearms and weapons that you would imagine are illegal. Indeed, there are individual state laws that restrict certain weapons, but there are some states with virtually no restrictions, so many of these weapons are perfectly legal. This means that you can purchase guns and ammunition that were originally intended for combat. You can also own and use blades that are intended for the battlefield and not backyard play. When it comes down to it, knowing what these weapons are is important – you don’t want to break any laws by owning a weapon you aren’t supposed to own or use. Here are five crazy weapons that are legal in most states.

5 Crazy Weapons That Are Legal In Most States

  1. Battle cannon. Everyone has seen or read about battle cannons. Although they have been off the battlefield for nearly one hundred and fifty years, you can still own a cannon and you can still use a cannon. You must have the space – and it must be a safe environment – but you can realistically blow things up with a cannon to your hearts content and not get in trouble. You may get a noise ordinance summons, but if you have a lot of acreage, it won’t matter.
  2. Crossbow. These weapons are incredibly powerful and incredibly deadly. Also, they are unpredictable if you aren’t sure how to use one. A crossbow is basically like a regular bow, but it is often equipped with some automatic settings, like a digital site. This means that you can have a huge advantage when it comes to hunting. If you know how to maintain accuracy with a crossbow, you can inflict instant and fatal damage to a kill, like a deer or elk.
  3. Katana sword. These swords were mainly used by warriors in Ancient China and Japan – they were favored because of the incredible sharpness of the blade. Today, you can visit a store like Swordsaxe and purchase this type of sword and many other types of swords. When using a katana, you want to be very careful – they can be incredibly dangerous if you are using the weapon in a tight space. The last thing you want is to injure yourself or someone else.
  4. Grenade launcher. With all the gun laws out there, you would imagine that a grenade launcher would be banned in almost every single state. However, many states make the ownership and use of a grenade launcher perfectly legal. Of course, you won’t want to walk around with a grenade launcher, but you can take the weapon to a remote area and use it there. Also, you want to be careful about the blast site – the shock wave can be damaging too.
  5. Fire thrower. On top of all the crazy legalized weapons, a flamethrower is up there on the list of the craziest weapons. Indeed, a flamethrower has the power to inflict a lot of damage. However, if you have the space and you aren’t using the flamethrower in or around federally protected land, you can own and operate a flamethrower for your personal use. In the end, you will want to take a lot of precautions before you use a flamethrower – the risk for damage or injury is great.
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