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A Guide to Spain’s 10 Best Street-Food Treats

 April 1, 2016  /  Comments Off on A Guide to Spain’s 10 Best Street-Food Treats

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With an inundation of European and Middle Eastern influences, Spain’s cuisine is incredibly diverse. Sampling this fantastic range of Spanish flavors and dishes can be a mind-blowing gastronomic experience, whether you are eating at a fancy restaurant or indulging in street food on the go! Here is a Spain food guide to the country’s best street food options, equally popular with locals and visitors. So as you walk about exploring this historical country’s beautiful cities, come with an open mind and a healthy appetite to discover its tasty food options on just about every street corner. Buen provecho!


A Guide to Spain's 10 Best Street-Food Treats

Called castañas in Spanish, these are roast chestnuts that can be found through the fall and winter in Spain. Castaña stands are hard to miss, as their savory scent fills the surrounding areas. The chestnuts have a delicious flavor that that actually fits in with a healthy diet and is vegetarian/vegan friendly.


A Guide to Spain's 10 Best Street-Food Treats

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Spain does not disappoint with its famous offering of helado; Spanish for ice cream. For some of the best, many a Barcelona travel guide recommend the historic Sirvent that has been around for almost a hundred years. This ice cream parlor in Barcelona is known for its mixture of ice cream with delicious combinations such as nougat, chocolate and fresh fruits. They even have an alcoholic horchata-filled ice cream for when you’d like to get a little buzz from with your ice cream!


A Guide to Spain's 10 Best Street-Food Treats

This sugary dessert native to Spain is growing in popularity all over the world. It’s a pastry made of fried dough, sometimes filled with melted chocolate or other sweets and is rolled in sugar. Like castañas, churros are very easy to find on Spain’s streets with many hole in the wall joints churning out fresh batches at all times.


A Guide to Spain's 10 Best Street-Food Treats

Granizado is the name for what many would call ‘slushies’ or ‘smoothies’ in other parts of the world. The granizado drink is lemon juice blended with ice that results in a sweet, fruity drink great on hot days. It can also be found made with orange juice or even coffee.


A Guide to Spain's 10 Best Street-Food Treats

Tapas, which originated as a street food in the squares and sidewalks of Spain, can now be found in restaurants specializing in tapas. The term ‘tapas’ is an all-encompassing word for small dishes or what many would call appetizers. Tapas can range from calamari to meat-filled pastries to just olives mixed with cheese. Ordering tapas is a much cheaper alternative to eating at more formal sit down restaurants, and it is quite the custom for many pubs to offer free tapas with drink orders too.


A Guide to Spain's 10 Best Street-Food Treats

Bocadilos are Spanish sandwiches. Instead of slice bread though, baguette is used. A typical bocadilo is made with a baguette, jamon (a Spanish dry-cured ham) and manchego cheese. For a topping, a tomato is sliced in half and its juices are squeezed onto both sides of the baguette. Quite a bit different from condiments found elsewhere and a lot healthier too. Bocadilos are very simple to put together and are eaten at various times of the day, be it for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. They can be found both in the street and small eateries; stop by for a quick bite while spain tour guide leads you around Spain’s famous sights.


A Guide to Spain's 10 Best Street-Food Treats

Empanadas are baked or fried pastries stuffed with a wide range of combinations of meat, fish, shellfish, cheese and vegetables. Popular combinations include tuna with tomato and peppers or beef with mushrooms. There are also vegetarian versions of the empanada with spinach or kale.


A Guide to Spain's 10 Best Street-Food Treats

What would a trip to Spain be without imbibing local alcoholic beverages? The Mojito is a cocktail made typically with flavours of white rum and lime juice and actually traces its origins back to Cuba. However, word of the mojito traveled back to Spain and the drink has very successfully evolved a character of its own in Spain.

Brandon Ballweg is a photographer, freelance writer and most importantly, world traveler. He currently lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and spends his free time sipping coconut water on the beach.

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