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Bearded Dragons As Pets

 November 28, 2014  /  Comments Off on Bearded Dragons As Pets

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Bearded dragons are now gaining popularity as favourite pets. They are now widely available in various pet shops and can be somewhat affordable. They breed easily, which contributes to their low price. In many cases, the purchase of baby bearded dragons is based on impulse decision. In this case, we are not likely to make proper research. While keeping bearded dragon isn’t difficult, we should at least have a basic knowledge on how to keep them. Bringing a bearded dragon to our home without being armed with enough information will condemn these reptiles to a short, unhealthy life.

In general, bearded dragons can make excellent pets for any household, especially if you have fur allergy. They may not be as cuddly as a cat or a puppy, but bearded dragons are reasonably tame. These reptiles can captivate the entire family, even those who don’t have any preference to lizards. Bearded dragons are known for their interesting behaviour and personalities. In Australia, they have solitary existence in the desert and the only time they socialize is when males and females mate. As a result, companionship isn’t important for any bearded dragon. Unscrupulous sellers may urge customers to purchase a couple of bearded dragons at a discount, however, we should avoid this. Bearded dragons are solitary animals and they don’t need a lifelong partner. Also, buying male and female bearded dragons may also give us additional problems, because they can breed rather easily.

Bearded Dragons As Pets

In general, we shouldn’t buy bearded dragons without knowing how to nurture and keep them. Caring for bearded dragons shouldn’t be difficult, but we should be aware of their requirements. Expert owners should be able to provide us with accurate advices on basic husbandry. Also, we could read websites and buy books dedicated for bearded dragon care. As an example, we should be aware that bearded dragons are cold-blooded reptiles that live in hot, dry desert. So, it is important to design a vivarium that replicates their original habitat, in terms of humidity, temperature and dryness. Bearded dragons need to “thermoregulate” themselves. They can cool down or warm up by moving around in cold and hot areas. Vivarium should be set ideal temperature range with heat lamps and thermostat, so we could regulate the temperature. The warm areas should be around 105 degrees Fahrenheit and the cooler end at about 85 degrees. In general, we should set up the vivarium about one week before buying the dragon and we need to make sure that the temperature arrangement is accurate.

Because desert has intense sunlight, we could place a UVB tube inside the vivarium to better simulate sunlight. The respiratory system of bearded dragons can’t cope with high humidity levels, so we may need to put a humidifier in the room. The body of bearded dragons could survive without drinking for a period of time, so we will see them drinking very rarely. But, we could still put a small bowl of water in the cooler end.

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