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Benefits Of Using Clay For Skin and Hair Care

 May 7, 2015  /  Comments Off on Benefits Of Using Clay For Skin and Hair Care

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You would be amazed by the benefits of using clay for your skin and hair. In fact, for centuries people and civilizations have been using clay to cure everything from split ends to eczema. When it comes to clay for skincare and hair care, it is important to understand some of the advantages, because it may work better than the leading hair care or skincare product. If you keep trying to find a skincare product for wrinkles, you may want to try clay. With a light clay mask, or a clay soak in the tub, you will see a world of difference. Here are some benefits of using clay for skin and hair care.

Benefits Of Using Clay For Skin and Hair Care

  1. It will cleanse your hair – without making it feel dry. Indeed, clay – from a company like Living Clay Co. – will actually make your hair clean. In some cases, it may actually remove more dirt and grime than some shampoos. If you have particularly temperamental hair, you may want to use clay.
  2. It will improve the radiance of your hair color. If your hair is looking a little dull, you may want to try clay to make it more radiant. If you have red hair, clay will make it look much more vibrant. If you have brown hair, clay will bring out the natural dark brown highlights. Not only will it boost the radiance of the color – it will also make your hair appear fuller and more buoyant, which not a lot of hair care products can achieve – no matter how much they promise more volume.
  3. It will help moisturize your skin and reduce redness and dryness. If you are prone to dry skin – perhaps you have eczema, you may want to try clay to reduce the redness and the irritation. The truth of the matter is that dry skin can be an annoyance to deal with even when you don’t have chronic eczema. Not only do you have to deal with flakey skin, but you may also have embarrassing redness to deal with. Usually, you will want to hide your skin, but with clay, you may be able to finally show off your skin.
  4. It will help reduce wrinkles and other skin blemishes. As you get older, wrinkles can become a major problem. Moreover, skin blemishes can occur at any age. This is why you may want to try clay – it can actually smooth out wrinkles and clear up blemishes. Because clay locks moisture in the skin, your skin will appear much smoother and will have fewer wrinkles.
  5. It will help get toxins out of your hair and skin. On top of everything, clay will also help remove toxins from your hair and skin. When it comes down to it, we all have some level of toxins in our skin. Clay for skin care will actually bring these toxins out of the pores and to the surface. In the end, removing these toxins will boost your immune system and your overall well being – including both your emotional and physical health.
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