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Climbing The Highest Peak In Europe, Mount Elbrus.

 November 28, 2014  /  Comments Off on Climbing The Highest Peak In Europe, Mount Elbrus.

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Climbing the highest peak in Europe, Mount Elbrus should be a breeze and people often choose the South route. It is possible to approach the mount from the North route, but it can be challenging and requires proper mountaineering experiences and skills. Climbing the Mount Elbrus requires enough preparation in terms of logistical, mental and physical point of views.

Upon arrival in Moscow, the first challenge is to find ways to reach the Mount Elbrus. We could start by looking a taxi to the central Moscow and it may not be easy, because only a few taxi drivers in Russia can speak proper English. The traffic can be a nightmare and it may take nearly two hours to reach the capital. Upon arrival, we may choose to go directly to Elbrus or spend a few days in the city to prepare ourselves.

Climbing The Highest Peak In Europe, Mount Elbrus

We should purchase a flight to Mineralyne Vody, which takes about two hours. Upon arrival, we need to head to the town of Kislovodsk, which is just one hour away from the airport. We should get enough rest and prepare our journey for the actual trip to the Mount Elbrus. We should rent a proper 4×4 vehicle and load up our bags. It takes three hours to reach the main base camp at Mount Elbrus. The drive to the camp can be rather nerve wracking, but the scenery is quite spectacular. The roads are carved into the mountain and this leaves a 200m vertical drop at the other side. The track is quite narrow and sometimes, it allows only one car at a time. At this stage, we shouldn’t interfere with the driver and let him concentrate on the road. It is a good idea to climb the Mount Elbrus early in the season, when there are fewer climbers. Once we arrive at the camp, we can unload our gear and taste the local cuisine, the famous Russian cabbage soup. The base camp is at about 2400m above sea level and can be quite cold, even during the summer.

This is a good opportunity to stroll around the area and check the natural springs. Many people say that they have the clearest and best tasting water in the planer. Dinners are available in the mess tent and it is the place where we could have conversations with many people from around the world. Experienced climbers in the area would advise that the important ingredients in any successful climb are physical strength, self belief, perseverance, determination and patience. The base camp is also an ideal place for acclimatisation and we could do this by taking a 4-hour hike to the Mushroom Rocks. It should be an easy preliminary trip for professional climbers and a good place to go to for travellers who don’t seek to climb the Mount Elbrus itself. Climbers who seek to reach the peak may need a few days to prepare themselves and consult with people in the area about when they should depart.

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