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Cooking With The Antique Wooden Stoves

 December 4, 2014  /  Comments Off on Cooking With The Antique Wooden Stoves

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Cooking on wooden stoves is a trend that dates back to a long time. These stoves are now available in various antique designs and they are much more than just stoves used for heating and cooking. These antique wooden stoves fall among the category of collector’s items and to some people, they are a lot more valuable. They make a great addition to not just homes, but hotels and museums too.

Victorian Wood Stoves

There are lots of different antique wooden stoves available, but among them the Victorian models are much famous. These stoves have a wood burning oven and they are made from cast iron. They are used for cooking of course and they serve as the piece of decoration in the kitchen. The stove is large and rectangular in shape and there are shelves and ledges on top of the oven which is meant for shortage purposes. These stoves are decorated elaborately and the iron body consists of gold and silver inlays.

Cooking With The Antique Wooden Stoves

Pot Belly Wooden Stoves

Pot belly is another type of wooden stove and it is small, short and squat and it is known for its barrel shaped body. The stove has a round oven that is present at the center of the body. They are not as much elaborated as the Victorian stoves, but they still come with designs and engravings. Today, they are used as pieces of décor but there is a group of people who even use them for heating purposes and cooking food. They also serve as heating appliance in winters. Even in the old times, these pot belly stoves were used by small homes as heating appliances. The fuel used for these stoves can be charcoal or even wood. The stove has a chimney attached that leads the smoke out of the house. These stoves are cleaner and they produce less ash and smoke. Not much firewood is required for heating the stove. These stoves are although old, but they have their own significance and they are still used for decorative, heating and cooking purposes.

Use of Wood Stoves

These antique wood stoves are still being used in homes for cooking and heating. Over the centuries, the basic design of these stoves has not changed and the individuals, hence have not given up on their use because they are available according to the modern convenience too. The stoves are being designed in different ways and they are available in different colors according to the modern kitchens. They are capable of blending with the kitchen because of their décor. If the kitchen space is small still you can find stoves according to your preferences.

The most significant element of these modern stoves is that whether or not the stoves are great in aesthetics and whether or not you are going to enjoy cooking with them. You can choose a stove unit that can fit your kitchen space. Wood cooking is an enjoyable experience indeed. With the various types of stoves available, you can adorn your kitchen with the best of cooking unit.

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