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Different Types Of Scales

 January 20, 2015  /  Comments Off on Different Types Of Scales

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There is a multitude of different scales on the market today that measure all types of things. It is really amazing how localized or specialized scales can be depending on the item to be measured. We’ve gotten used to baggage scales, for example, when we go to the airport. You might not know that baggage scales need to be tough and take a beating – they get a lot of use in the course of a year so being rigged is generally part of their manufacturing process. They need to be accurate so that passengers are not getting over or under charged, and they need to have large, easy to read displays.

Did you know that there is a specific scale for weighing fish? Fishing tournaments are big business, and they have to have extremely precise scales that are designed exclusively for weighing prize caught fish. Floor scales are used in industrial applications to measure larger quantities of items and have to be rugged and durable. Similar to the industrial version, there are floor scales that have been modified specifically for livestock. These could be used at auctions or veterinary practices, and many of these come equipped with stock panels and gates.

Different Types Of Scales

Doctor’s offices and hospitals use scales to measure patient’s weight and other models for weighing medical waste which requires extreme tracking for audit purposes. The U.S. Postal Service uses scales to charge for shipping packages, and these models also have to be rugged and stand up to lots of use. Pharmaceutical scales must be supremely accurate and precise for the measuring of medicines, and they must be able to provide for billing accuracy.

Truck scales are some of the most used and abused scales there are out there today. Truck scales come in a variety of configurations to suit their usage. Some have plates that the front wheels of the truck roll onto and sit on while the main body of the trailer sits on another plate-type scale. Some truck scales even include unattended models that allow truckers to roll up, and weigh independent of other procedures where the weight is transmitted to a central collection point.

Nearly all industries require scales in some form or fashion. Weight plays a role in all our lives and in nearly all industries, and the measuring of that weight is critical. You purchase by weight, ship by weight, determine health by weight to name just a few of the ways weight plays a critical role in everyday life. These days, most of these scales as mentioned above operate on the spring/force mechanism in cooperation with gravity. In other words, objects placed on the plate of a scale press down on a spring, and the measurement of how severely or not severely the spring is depressed determines what the measurement of the weight result. Overall, it is simple and elegant, and while we are always trying to improve on the way we do things, this concept has lasted for a very long time. The main ways we try and improve scales today revolve around displays and additional information that can be obtained.

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