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Enjoying A Cigar While Camping or Fishing

 April 22, 2015  /  Comments Off on Enjoying A Cigar While Camping or Fishing

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If you are in the habit of smoking, regardless of whether you smoke a cigarette or a cigar does not really matter. However, if you have planned a holiday trip and you have few other cigar smokers in the group, you will be tempted to smoke a cigar and not a cigarette. An interesting thing about smoking cigar is that the one who is in love with cigars will have information about all the cigar sellers in town! This will essentially range from the top brands to the local ones. However, if you are setting off for an outdoor trip and you want to carry along few of your favorite cigar brands, you can do the following. This is the topic that has been discussed at length in this write up. So, read on for more information.

Enjoying A Cigar While Camping or Fishing

Cigar and camping essentially complement each other. Imagine camping at the foothills of a famous mountain range with a cigar in your hand. You not only enjoy the cigar much more, but your urge to enjoy the camping trip increases, especially if you are with your friends. Prior to delving deeper into the topic, let us see how you will pack your cigar inventory for the camping or the fishing or the outdoor trip.

  • Taking along a variety of cigars is always desirable. If a group of friends have planned the trip, ask everyone to carry their favorite brand of cigar. You can also pick up your next cigar from Famous Smoke Shop. You might come across the cigar you have been looking for all these days here.
  • It is best to carry with you short as well as long varieties of cigars. As you are camping, trekking or for that matter even fishing and you get some time to relax, you can opt for longer one that will help you to relax. And if you want a quick puff and shed the stress instantly, smoking a short cigar can give you some relief instantaneously. So, choose the cigar size depending on your requirement.
  • An important aspect that you must remember is that when you pack these “stress busters” in your bag; pack them in such a manner so that the elements are not able to damage them at any point of time, regardless of the extremes of temperature you are likely to face. Alternatively, a travel humidor is a good option to keep your cigars safe and away from moisture, heat, cold, rain, and humidity. Depending on the number of cigars you want to carry, the size of the travel humidor can be selected accordingly. An ordinary one can carry as few as 5 cigars but if you want a bigger one, you can store as many as 80 cigars in the travel humidor. There are few brands that manufacture them and you can choose one depending on your budget and your requirement.
  • Is the wind annoying you? Camping means the location can be beside a beach, bottom of the hills, or just about any vast space, you will need something to light these cigars. Matches can be a great choice but unfortunately, they are not in this case. They will blow off with the wind and you will perhaps need few dozen just to light a few cigars. So, opt for the butane torch lighter. Always carry some extra butane. In this way, you know you will not run out of your inventory. In fact, you can also enquire about the availability of these butane torch lighters from the Famous Smoke Shop.
  • It is always worthwhile to plan your camping trip well in advanced so that you can enjoy the trip thoroughly. After all a well planned event always is a success.
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