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Ferrets As Pets

 November 30, 2014  /  Comments Off on Ferrets As Pets

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Many people start to consider making ferrets as their pets. In the United States, ferrets are among the most popular pets. They are low-slung, long-bodied and small animal that’s in the same family with badgers, wolverines, skunks and weasels. Their thick soft fur and sleek bodies also reveal relationship with minks. They also share the playfulness, ingenuity and intelligence of otters. Like their relatives, ferrets are also carnivores.

Ferrets can live up to 9 years and it is important to consider what we will be getting if we adopt ferret as a pet. This is a decision that should be made after a careful and long thought. We shouldn’t assume ferrets as a substitute for hamster, because the former requires more affection and attention. Ferrets are highly social animals and we shouldn’t lock them in the cage for too long without companionship or company. We should spend a few days socializing and playing with our ferret, if not we should consider choosing a goldfish instead.

Ferrets As Pets

Compared to the placid guinea pigs and tiny hamsters, ferrets can be much less forgiving. It could be rather defensive when small children hurt them intentionally or unintentionally. Children under the age of 7 may not have the coordination and sensitivity to handle ferrets without causing some discomfort to the animal. For this reason, it is not a good idea to have ferrets in houses with small children. If so, it may be necessary to put ferrets inside the cage for much of the time. Ferrets could spend most of their day sleeping with, up to 18 hours each day. Ferrets have sharp teeth and they will use them as a way to protect themselves. Obviously, we can’t put ferrets inside the cage for most of the time. Often, ferrets could behave like cats on steroids when they do come out of the cage. Healthy ferrets often have an extra dose of independence and curiosity.

Ferrets clearly love to play and they socialize properly. It means, we need to pay much attention to our ferrets to keep it healthy physically and mentally. It is necessary to ferret-proof our house, to protect both our belongings and the ferret itself. Handling ferrets is different with the way we manage cats and dogs. Due to their unique behaviours, many pet owners simply can’t keep up and many ferrets are abandoned in rescue organizations and local shelters. In some cases, ferrets could starve to death, because owners neglect them for days.

It is also unfortunate that domesticated ferrets have not opportunity to learn the hunting skill that allows them to survive in the wild. When released in the wild, it will only take days before the ferret become a helpless of victim of foxes and coyotes. Even with the absence of predators, they will likely starve to death due to their inability to hunt. In general, we should really consider whether we have enough time and motivation to adopt ferret as a pet. It is a mistake to treat them the same way as cats and dogs.

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  • Published: 3 years ago on November 30, 2014
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