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Get Hold Of These Upcoming SEO Trends In 2017

 March 30, 2017  /  Comments Off on Get Hold Of These Upcoming SEO Trends In 2017

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It’s the beginning of 2017, and now is the time for planning, strategizing, improving and budgeting for the success of your business websites. You have already seen the SEO trends of last year and have got an idea regarding the do’s and don’t in the field.  As it is already known that Google pays extra attention to the user experience and mobile based search results, therefore, the new strategies and methods have to be planned and executed accordingly. This time Google would focus on the advanced technologies in Artificial Intelligence and improvement in contextual search.

Get Hold Of These Upcoming SEO Trends In 2017

Have you heard of SEO services in Bristol? They work with clients on their search engine optimization and help them to build a professional website that targets and grab the attention of customers. The SEO trends they follow are much more advanced and better than the existing strategies. Seeing the user intent for improved results, we have come up with these top SEO trends of 2017.

  1. The role of Google Answer Box and the other featured Snippets: We know it already that the primary goal of the Google is to enhance the user experience. As per the reports, there is an increase in the number of Google Boxes as we entered the year 2017. SERP features like Q and A type is frequently displayed in the search results. There are chances that the frequency would increase in the current year. Similarly, features like an instant answer that provides answers to particular queries in limited words would also increase.
  2. Optimizing for the purpose of searcher’s intent: Hummingbird and rank brain allowed its users to see more results in Google solely based on searcher’s intent in 2016 and less based on the exact match keywords in 2017.  It is clearly visible that the effect of exact match keyword is in a declining stage and in such a state it is prudent to create and optimize content based on user’s intent.
  3. Voice Search: It is time to witness keyword research for voice-based queries. The advancement in Rank Brain and Artificial Intelligence has laid emphasis on voice search. The results would be based on the understanding of the user’s voice which involves, answers based on the frequently used apps, previous queries, location, personalized information etc.
  4. Begin using video and image content: With the use of images and videos in the content, you can make your website more understandable by the user and Google will find it more important. The search results now show more image and video-based contents. It is increasing to enhance the user experience. Therefore, it is essential to optimize the images and visual contents.
  5. The concept of Mobile First Index: In this concept, Google considers the mobile version as the primary source for Google ranking. It is very important to make responsive websites so that people find it to be user-friendly.
  6. A new proposal of Accelerated Mobile Pages: Due to the increasing demand for mobile search, AMP is a new standard for creating quick, lightweight and user-friendly mobile pages.
  7. Structured Data Markup: It increases the CTR for the website as it helps the search engines to understand the website’s content easily and help to show better data and snippets. This is how SEO services in Bristol make use of Structured Data Markup.
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