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Household Cleaning Tips My Granny Taught Me

 May 29, 2015  /  Comments Off on Household Cleaning Tips My Granny Taught Me

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Now that summer is coming about we finally have the chance to begin growing food in our gardens, cleaning our homes of toxins and dusty and other ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We don’t really need to spend a lot of money on doing things like that and cleaning our home as well however, since all of this can be accomplished with the ways its been done for many years. The following tips have been around for a long time and they allow for an easy, self-sufficient solution to most of your cleaning needs:

Although cola is quite detrimental to our teeth and our weight, it can be a very useful substance in cleaning surfaces and tools of all kinds. Ever since its been made into a commercial drink back in the late 19th century, its been used to clean a great number of things apart from its regular use. One simple way of cleaning with it is to soak the items you want cleaned in coke for a night. It works great on grease and oil, breaking them down and cleaning them in the process. Just rinse and you’re done.

Household Cleaning Tips My Granny Taught Me

You can use baking soda and oil soap for a natural and very effective bathroom grime buster. Its a biodegradable combinations free of phosphates that will greatly help in your cleaning efforts. You can sprinkle baking soda on the bathroom fixtures and use a wet rag to rub it around. The slightly gritty soda will help scrub things off with greater ease. You can do the same with your toilet bowl and a toilet brush for maximum efficiency. Just remember to wear gloves on your hands if you want to get the job done well. You can use this method to clean a lot inside your kitchen and bathroom.

Wear a pair of old socks on your hands, reminiscent to mittens and then use that to wipe dust from your furniture,l blinds, cabinets, tabletops and more around your home.

A house or a room that possesses a fireplace unused in a long time may have that unpleasant odor of soot due to drafts coming into the home. You can crumple some old newspapers, putting them in the fireplace, then sprinkle some ground coffee on top of them. Light a fire and let it burn out completely. They scent of coffee will eliminate the smell of soot. This is a much safer alternative than the toxins present in some air fresheners.

You can also do a good bit of cleaning using distilled white vinegar. It acts as an excellent fungicide and also helps break down caulk buildup in your bathroom or kitchen. Just spray some on the area where you have mold, let it work for about 15 minutes and wipe. Repeat if necessary and you’ll have it done in no time. Soak a sponge in it and tie it around the showerhead and you’ll have it clean in just 24 hours when the caulk breaks down. You can also use water and vinegar to wipe your windows without any streaks as a result. Cleaning Services Cape Town

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