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How To Choose An SAT Tutor For Your Kids

 September 17, 2015  /  Comments Off on How To Choose An SAT Tutor For Your Kids

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Finding the right SAT tutor for your child is extremely important in this day and age. The SAT is becoming more and more difficult, and the score your child receives on the test will determine a lot about his or her future. Of course, GPA is a huge factor as well, but the SAT and GPA are basically the two main determining factors when applying to colleges. Your child can write an awe-inspiring letter of interest, but if the grades and the test scores aren’t there, then there’s very little chance that their application will even be accepted. That’s why it’s extremely important that you find an SAT tutor for your child. An SAT tutor will not only help your child learn the math and English curriculum needed to earn a high score, but they will also teach your child all kinds of testing skills that are specific to the SAT. If you’re not exactly sure how to find the right tutor, here is how to choose an SAT tutor for your kids.

How To Choose An SAT Tutor For Your Kids

  1. Find an experienced SAT tutor. When it comes down to it, even though the SAT is measuring your child’s reading, writing, and mathematical skills, it doesn’t suffice to just find a tutor who can help your child with those subjects. You need to find a tutor who is experienced in SAT test prep. There are several agencies that you can find, which hire and train tutors who specialize in the SAT. If you can’t find any in your area, there are also ways you can find an online tutor who specializes in the SAT. No matter what, though, you really want to make sure your tutor is highly experienced.
  2. Make sure your child and the tutor get along well. You want to be sure to find your tutor early on in the year. This is because you may need to go through more than just one to find the perfect match for your child. If your child does not respond well to the tutor’s personality or teaching style, it can really get in the way of their learning. It might not mean that the tutor you’ve hired isn’t excellent at what they do, it may just mean that they don’t jibe well with your child. But the truth is, you need to find someone who makes it easy for your child to concentrate, get into the groove of studying, and feel confident about their intelligence.
  3. Make sure the tutor is up to date on the SAT. If you have an older child who had a great SAT tutor back in the early aughts, you don’t necessarily want to hire that same person for your younger child. This is because the SAT has changed dramatically over the past decade – in fact, it has been completely redesigned. The highest score used to be 1600, and now it’s 2400. Make sure you hire a tutor who knows all about the current test and will give your child as many practice tests as necessary to ensure a high score.
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