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Listen For The Sound Of The Waves In Wollongong

 July 23, 2014  /  Comments Off on Listen For The Sound Of The Waves In Wollongong

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If Sydney is a buxom blond, the Wollongong will be an ingenue who is looking at the sky. The name “Wollongong” translated from aboriginal language, means “Sound of the waves”.  The locals also called it “The Gong”. The Sound of the waves is nature’s most beautiful gift for this city.

This time I traveled from Sydney to Wollongong, thanks to campervan hire Sydney, they helped us a lot on this trip. We rented their well-conditioned family5 campervan and drove all the way down to Wollongong.

We passed through the Symbio Wildlife Park on the way to Wollongong. I must say if you do not make a stop here, you will miss a lot of fun. After we got the tickets, the staff gave us a small bag of Kangaroo feed. I quickened my pace for I wished I could go immediately to hug the lovely Koala. Indeed, the animals here are within reach, most of them not refuse a close contact with you. The most interesting thing was when the kangaroos lifted their head when they saw the feed.  Initially, they just looked at the breeder for a while, and then they came galloping towards the crowd. The spectacular scene made us very surprised. I went in front of the Kangaroo and feed them.

Listen For The Sound Of The Waves In Wollongong

Fly to the sky at the top of bald hill.

Drive along down the Lady Wakehurst Drive, we arrived at famous bald hill. Not only can you enjoy the scenery of sea and sky merged, but also you can experience the passion for driving through the twisting coast highway. We came here for a more exciting sport that was parasailing!

An experienced coach taught me how to fly and gave me some precautions. They also taught me how to build up the glider. Certainly, he came with me. We took pictures while we flew.

It was like a dream while we flew into the sky, I’ve just imagined myself as a Seagull. Embraced into the sky, hovered over the land.

Experience the joy of harvest at Glenbernie Orchard

Thirty kilometres north of Wollongong, there is an Orchard for four generations. From November to April next year, you can experience the joy of harvest. We bought their home-made Apple Juice and beer, honey and dried fruit which were worthy. We went into the peach Orchard with the enthusiastic farmer. The red and yellow leaves came into our sight, some of them were on the branch, and some had fallen on the ground, as if we walked into the world of Anderson’s fairy tale.

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