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Pigs As Pets

 November 25, 2014  /  Comments Off on Pigs As Pets

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There are many bad things said about pigs, like they are dirty, smell and ignorant. In fact, pigs are reasonably clean animal and they small bad only when they live in a bad place. Like people, pigs are also creatures of comfort and they are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. Physiologically, pigs are also very similar to human, as an example, their heart valves are compatible with people. In reality, if we keep pigs in clean environment, it is possible to treat them as pets.

Pigs are also omnivore and they will eat almost everything that we eat. If it’s the only option, pigs could also resort to cannibalism. They also eat fishmeal, wheat soya, acorns, roots and worms. It is also possible to provide them with sandwiches, meat, fruit and grass. There are also properly formulated pig rations available from local stores and we should go wrong with them. Pigs can help keep our orchard tidy, but we should be aware that they will also eat flowers and other small plants. Although pigs love any cooked meat leftovers, we shouldn’t feed them that. Such a diet could increase the possibility of Food and Mount disease. Like any animal, we should make sure that pigs get a supply of clean water. The functions of pig organs are remarkably similar to people, so it is important for pigs to get enough water each day.

Pigs As Pets

However, unlike human, pigs don’t sweat because they don’t have the proper glands. For this reason, we should make sure that there is a place for it to cool down. Occasionally, pigs also need to get out of the sunlight, because their skin may also burn like people. Pigs are social animals and they need to communicate with other pigs or at least their owners. We should remember that pigs are reasonably intelligent, so they need to get some form of entertainment. Like toddlers at Christmas, pigs often play with wrappings and boxes with great pleasure. They have exceptional sense of smell and even better than dogs, but their eyesight is generally poor. Due to their intelligence, it is possible to train our pigs.

Another thing to consider is that pigs can grow quite fast, especially those modern breeds. In just six months, the cute little piggy can become a solid and very strong 200lbs behemoth. There are owners of mini-pigs who complained that their pets grow far bigger and faster than they had been led to believe. For this reason, pig owners may need to be less attached to their pigs, because they may eventually need to sell them and even put them into the freezer. As pigs grow, they will need more space and their appetite will increase as well.

Pigs could also get sick like people and they can get infected by multiple diseases. In general, pigs that live in cleaner environment are less susceptible to disease and we should make sure that there are no rats and bugs in the area. If your pigs get sick, it may be necessary to call vets who typically handle livestock.

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  • Published: 3 years ago on November 25, 2014
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