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Risks Of Search Engine Frauds

 November 26, 2014  /  Comments Off on Risks Of Search Engine Frauds

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When we are dealing with SEO offers, we should know if something appears too good to be true, it often is. We should ask around long enough to know whether these offers are genuine. Regardless of numerous cautions and warnings, many business owners continue to think naively that are safely exempt for such a risk and they deliberately disregard good advices. They may wishfully think that they will never be the next hapless victims.

There are so many soothsayers in the SEM and SEO arena. Often, these offers come with no-guarantee and we could rely only on ethical responses from others. In this case, opportunities really exist for frauds and we could see many con artists try to bind clients into the one-year contracts. They could in fact legally deliver us poor results, because there are money-back guarantees. In this case, our money could be at stake and we owe it to ourselves to get really smart about this. We should be ware if people start to take advantage of our situations.

Risks Of Search Engine Frauds

We have heard old expressions that we need to spend money to make more money and we won’t get something satisfactory if we pay for too low. We should be aware that many fraudsters in the SEO business will continue to hound us so they will buy specific interesting package deals. They promise that we will get satisfactory profits, more clients, a lot more leads and much bigger traffic. However, we could find many exceptions, fine prints and loopholes in the contract agreements. The glowing prospective results often rarely pan out and there are cases our ranking drops because these so-called SEO professionals use illegal tactics. We should make such a grave mistake by choosing unreliable SEO professionals.

There could also be telemarketers who are paid to sell SEO packages and they don’t really give us valuable advices. They often mislead us with so many empty promises. Their methods won’t really optimize our website. They could attract traffic by putting our website in a costly advertising services and use automated tools to artificially click them. This means that much of the traffic is actually generated by software, not real people who would purchase our products and services. For each click, SEO fraudsters and the advertising agency will get some of our money.

We should be aware that large traffic doesn’t always equal to profitable sales. Just because our statistic shows that one thousand people visited our website, there’s a chance that much of them are software-generated clicks. Quality traffic is generated by real human who has genuine interest on our products and services. They could stumble across our website purely out of curiosity after they choose to search specific keywords. In general, qualified traffic will translate to real buyers and more money in our pocket. Fake traffic is simply bots that come to our stores to shoplift. Smart business owners always look for ways to know that their traffic is real.

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