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Scientists Grown Completely New Functional Organ Outside In Lab

 August 28, 2014  /  Comments Off on Scientists Grown Completely New Functional Organ Outside In Lab

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In regenerative medicine research, a group of British scientists reported that they have successfully grown a new grown successfully, functional organ form harvested mouse cells. Scientists say that the organ worked normally once it was transplanted in recipient mice.

University of Edinburgh produced world’s first functioning thymus, this is not produced from stem cell, but it is connected with tissue cells which is known ad fibroblasts. The total task was done in mice. And it is the first time scientist produced entire organ which is created outside of the body only with programming in the lab

Until these days experiments only small portion functional organs are successfully grown in a lab, few experiments of liver, heart, and even brain grow from stem cells. But successfully no functional was grown like this. In the new study to the researchers created new thymus only from fibroblast cells but not from stem cells. Researchers believe that the artificial experiments really did wonder and Experts believe that this experiment will be available for humans within 10 years.

Scientists Grown Completely New Functional Organ Outside In Lab

The researchers are hoping that these lab-grown cells could help thymus transplant treatment for people who have a weak immune system. These techniques also help’s patient-matched T cells in the laboratory which is used in cell therapies

Clare Blackmun is the professor who led the team at the medical research council Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University, Edinburgh said the ability to grow organs from cell lab is one of the holy grails wonders of regenerative medicine.

The researcher believes that the artificial thymus may produce T-cells, one in 4000 babies born without functioning thymus in them, this experiment in growing artificial thymus and replacing the parts in damaged tissue cell may remove the requirement to transplant a complete organ from one to another.

The study of an experiment is supposed to be published this Monday 1 September 2014 in the journal Nature Cell Biology. Professor Chris Mason of regenerative medicine at university college London, he is not involved with this research experiment, he believes that growing a complete replacement organ in human body safely is almost decades away from us.

The experiment on the mice is well proven and experiment on patients will make a great wonder in the future. This research has far away involved humans in it, but someday If this is successfully would make great wonder which might be unbelievable to see, but before that there is much to face in front like fails and success.

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