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Some Of The Amazing Facts About Labradoodle

 May 1, 2015  /  Comments Off on Some Of The Amazing Facts About Labradoodle

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When it comes to having a pet, people are at times confused about selecting a particular dog for their family. The main reason is that there are many varied breeds of dogs available with breeders. Some of them are cute while others are strong, some are small while others are big. Then there are Labradoodles, which are considered as designer dogs.

 Some Of The Amazing Facts About Labradoodle

 There are many breeders who breed this dog and believe that they are more than just a designer dog. The New York Labradoodle breeders have a handful of them. Many people don’t know the fact that, they were bred for allergic people as assistance dogs.

These dogs were first bred in Australia, by Wally Conran of Guide dogs Victoria. It took 2 years to develop this allergy friendly dog. They developed three puppies and called them as Labradoodle. The dog was bred in an attempt to create a hypo-allergenic dog for a blind woman in Hawaii.

 Some Of The Amazing Facts About Labradoodle

You can develop bond with the dog by conducting regular plays or short training sessions. These dogs are very loyal and intelligent by nature, so training them can be fun. Apart from this, these dogs can be made to undergo gundog training, as it greatly helps them to learn discipline.

Labradoodles are available in different sizes. It greatly depends on the type of the dog involved in the cross. They will be big if they are crossed with Standard Poodle or small if crossed with Miniature Poodle. Another thing to note is that, in the consecutive generations, the size of the puppies tend to be small compared to the parents in the F1 generation, when a Labradoodle is bred with the same breed.

Labradoodle can have different textures throughout its life. It can be curly like a Poodle or just flat like a Labrador. The coat color may also vary from silver, apricot, cream, chocolate and black. These dogs have mind-blowing tracking skills. An incident took place in America where a dog which belonged to a boy with Autism tracked its way down to the owners after it was left with some of their relatives. It almost travelled twelve miles to reach its owner.

If you have any plans to own a Labradoodle, then make sure to go for a legitimate breeder. There are many breeders out there who are just breeding dogs to make money. Such breeders are not worried about the health of the dogs. You must understand that when it comes to the legitimate breeders, they have a big list of prospective owners. So it becomes necessary for them to feel that you are suitable to take one of their puppies. It has been seen that some of the breeders keep the habit of making the owners fill a questionnaire so as to be sure that they are perfect for their puppies.

When it comes to a Labradoodle, any allergy that the dog has may not be restricted to its fur, it may be caused from the saliva and dander. So it becomes necessary to properly choose the puppy when you buy.

Author Bio

Daniel Clark is a dog trainer and works with the New York Labradoodle pet club. He believes that dogs are the best friends when taken care of. Here he has shared some of the amazing things related to Labradoodles.

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