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Some Special Organizations Are Trying To Break The Unity

 November 5, 2015  /  Comments Off on Some Special Organizations Are Trying To Break The Unity

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The interrelationship between the Awami League and the other parties, which are running under the controlling of it. It has also turned into the condition of like the fish out of the water condition.  Though the opposing team is not strong enough at all, but the inter parties are having the worsen relationship with the leading party currently.  The powerful team is facing too much difficulty to find out the solution of this criterion. Many old leaders of the Awami league are thinking that a special sector has the worst influence behind this situation. They also think that, if this situation become out of control and they can’t fight against the opposition party together, then they may have to face a huge loss undoubtedly.This news report was broadcased live on fox news live stream.

Some Special Organizations Are Trying To Break The Unity

For the last week, lots of change had been coming from the Awami League. Several senior leaders are just trying to act like the childish behave. However, they also don’t seem to be hesitated to say against each other. Moreover, some leaders of JSD also said various unwanted and unexpected topic against the powerful team, who were the greatest supporter of Awami League at a time. So, the condition has been worsening much from the earlier.

On last Monday, in a worker’s party in Sirajganj, the presidium member of Awami league and the spokesman of the 14 parties, Mohammad Nasim had said that, “There is no enemy is available against them in the political field. That’s why some misunderstanding had been happening between their inter parties. And some of the cunning as well as ill people have taken this scope and doing their evil did to break the unity of the largest 14 parties.  But everybody should be more aware of this and don’t care the evil people and what are they trying to do.

Mohammad Nasim also said that, “ In 1975, this kind of situation also happened and as the result, Bangabandhu Sheikh MuziburRahman also had to died very sad way with his whole family. Now the defeated murderer and the criminals of 1971 are now uniting again under the intensive care of the opposition leader Begum Khaleda Zia. “He also added that, these criminals are taking time and the scope to make the misunderstanding between the united powerful parties to break the unity of them and then they may get the evil power of ruling the country again. So, the whole team members and the public should not provide the chance of getting back their power again and also remain united always.

As the condition of hiding his own name, a permanent member of JSD said to the reporters that, “Awami League has joined us almost about more than a decade. SO, it is certainly astonishing that now the leaders are accusing each other. It is assured that, a special authority is trying to misguide this party and so on its leaders too. But this behaving is obviously not expected from these senior political leaders at all. More about this story can be chased at http://www.baqiworld.com .

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