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Stabbing Suspect In A Maine Supermarket Wanted To Kill Several People

 March 20, 2016  /  Comments Off on Stabbing Suspect In A Maine Supermarket Wanted To Kill Several People

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It was a horrific scene at the Shaw’s supermarket in Saco when a man grabbed a 59 year old woman and slit her throat. According to the news on cnbc live streaming is that the killer followed the woman after she parked her car and headed t the ice cream aisle of the supermarket. The victim was identified as Wendy Boudreau, a mother of five and a grandmother to several. She is said to have suffered stabs on the face as well. She died as she was receiving treatment.

The suspect in the Wednesday attack was identified as Connor MacCalister aged 31 who lived near his suspect although it seems that they did not know each other. According to news is that several people asked the suspect why he did that. He responded that he had just finished his medication and never meant to kill her while another one said that he said Wendy looked at him in a funny way.

Stabbing Suspect In A Maine Supermarket Wanted To Kill Several People

MacCalister was arrested and charged with murder. He remains in custody at the York County Jail. His story is quite interesting as his brother said that he was transitioning to a man when the police identified him as a woman. The suspect said that he wanted to conduct such attacks for a month as he was angry with his life and wanted revenge. In her memory, neighbors offered condolences at her home while at the entrance of the supermarket sea shells and flowers were placed by well wishers.

Another deadly incidenet which claimed so many lives was reported by media.There has been an outbreak in Bronx that has claimed 12 lives while 100 more has been left sick. The outbreak is known as legionnaires that has seen 128 cases according to health officials. Media says that most of those that have been affected have already been discharged from hospital and sometime has passed since a similar case was reported. Officials found out that the bacteria came from rooftop air-conditioning unit also known as cooling towers in buildings.

Since cooling towers in a number of building tested positive to the bacteria according to news, cooling towers across the state were not only inspected, but they were also tested by both state and city officials. The Legionnaires’ disease cases took place in the poorest neighborhood of the city for over a month. The disease is quite dangerous especially to those with prior health issues and the elderly people. The symptoms and effects resemble those of pneumonia.

Since a guest who spent several days at the Opera House Hotel at the heart of South Bronx tested positive to the disease, the management of the hotel said that the cooling system is thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis. The mist that is produced by the cooling tower normally spreads the bacteria for a long distance. According to watch cnbc live stream online is that after the bacterium was found to have emanated from their cooling tower, it will be cleaned on monthly basis with the state officials saying tests will be done after every three months.

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