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The Fitness and Health Benefits Of Swimming

 November 25, 2014  /  Comments Off on The Fitness and Health Benefits Of Swimming

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Whether you’re thinking about taking some swimming classes so that you can become a better swimmer or you want to get into better physical shape and you’re wondering if swimming will help you reach your personal goals, this is an article that will provide you with the confirmation that you need. That’s because it’s going to share with you five solid reasons why, out of all of exercises and sports that you could participate in, swimming is on the top of the list when it comes to both fun and fitness.

Swimming increases muscle tone and strength. If you’ve ever watched the Summer Olympics before, then you’ve probably noticed just how fit and trim the swimmers are. A big part of that is due to how much time they spend in the swimming pool. Although basically all aerobic exercises can increase your muscle tone and strength over time, swimming has the reputation for being one of the most effective workouts. Being in the water and moving about is considered to be a resistance exercise, and you’re actually pushing your body more in the water than when you are out of it. As a direct result, your muscles become stronger.

Swimming burns calories. If you’re looking for a way to lose some weight, you can never go wrong with swimming a few laps several times per week. In fact, it’s actually considered to be one of the best ways to burn calories in a short amount of time. By doing the breast stroke, you can burn over 580 calories per hour. By doing the butterfly, you can burn over 780 per hour.

The Fitness and Health Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming improves flexibility. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your body’s flexibility without adding a lot of stress or strain to your joints, swimming is one way to do just that. When you’re immersed in water, it’s considered to be a low-impact form of exercise. And so, whether you’re swimming laps or doing flips, the water makes it possible for you to move about safely and easily.

Swimming improves cholesterol levels. If you were to ask your doctor about something that you should make sure that you stay conscious of, one of the things that they would probably mention is your cholesterol level. That’s because when you have high cholesterol in your system, it can lead to things like gallstones, chest pains, and even heartaches. However, when you swim regularly, it raises your HDL levels. This is a good thing because higher HDL levels mean a lower risk of heart attack.

Swimming is good for the heart. Speaking of heart disease, if you were to sign up to take some swimming classes at one of the Swimtastic Swim Schools in your area, one of the swimming benefits that the instructors may share with you is that swimming is awesome for your heart’s health. It’s already been addressed that swimming can improve muscle tone. Well, since the heart is the most important muscle of all and because swimming is an aerobic form of exercise, it helps to strengthen the heart. As a direct result, blood circulation is increased, which is good for every single part of your body. Happy swimming!

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