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Tips On Buying Polaris Vent Racing RZR 170 Parts

 September 2, 2014  /  Comments Off on Tips On Buying Polaris Vent Racing RZR 170 Parts

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Vent Racing has nearly a decade of UTV racing experience under their belt, a lot in an industry where the most popular model was only released 7 years ago. The company has a very broad selection of parts, including the largest collection of RZR 170 performance parts and accessories of any company in the world. While the RZR 170 is probably the last UTV most people associate with performance, if you have a youngster who is growing up fast like they do, it is often cheaper to give your 170 a few extra ponies than to put it on the chopping block and sinking 6-8K on a RZR 570 or 800. The following are a few of the Vent Racing parts that we’ve personally used on our RZR 170 and proved an excellent value.

Tips On Buying Polaris Vent Racing RZR 170 Parts

If you’re going to open up a restricted engine, usually the best place to start is the air intake. Not only is the RZR 170 stock intake too restrictive for its potential, it is also mounted close to the ground where it can both gather dust and be damaged when it contacts the ground. Vent Racing’s RZR performance intake takes care of both of these problems. This kit includes the jets, aluminum intake tube, silicone reducing elbow, the K&N air filter element, and the pre-filter and billet mounting plate. For just $279.95 you will get a few extra horsepower and a guaranteed increase in acceleration.

If you go far as to open up the RZR 170 motor with an intake, the next logical step if you’d like a dramatic performance increase is Vent Racing’s custom-tuned 26mm Mikuni Carb kit. This round slide carb kit is significantly larger than the stock 21mm carb on the 170. To continue the smooth flow of air and fuel through the 170 engine, Vent Racing also offers an RZR 170 ported head, cam and rocker kit. Both of these parts will require some tuning for optimum performance based on the altitude that you are riding at.

The exhaust is usually the next major part of a vehicle’s engine that is too restrictive from the factory, and Vent Racing has a complete stainless exhaust for the RZR 170 as well. This TIG welded system features a 1 ¼” head pipe, a magnesium tip and a spark arrestor for off-road legality. For the largest selection of Polaris RZR accessories online, visit www.sbsparts.com.

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