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Welcome To The Virtual World Of Baby Hazel Games

 September 2, 2014  /  Comments Off on Welcome To The Virtual World Of Baby Hazel Games

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Baby hazel games come for free. But it is not available offline. One needs to have an internet connection and with successive clicks of the mouse one can enter and work to the finish in the world of Baby Hazel’s numerous activities. The main character of these online virtual games is Baby Hazel. She is a very sweet looking hazel eyed small baby who is unable to do most of the things by herself and requires the active involvement of kids like the ones playing the game to help her to have her milk, make the bed, do exercises, and face situations where she cannot handle a sibling brother or sister and many others.

She likes goodies like any other child on this planet. She cries when unhappy and laughs out aloud when very happy. The children playing these online educational virtual games are very much engrossed with the characters and situations and love to actually participate in decision making and making mummy or baby hazel finish the jobs in hand.

The free baby hazel games are with beautiful compositions and the characters show impatience if any part of the job is not completed on time. There are airy bubbles on display whenever the baby Hazel or mummy is thinking of anything to be moved around the room or they themselves are thinking of them. The characters can be instructed by moving them around and helping them reach the objects they are looking for or complete some job like making the bed, brushing the teeth or fetching the milk bottle.

Welcome To The Virtual World Of Baby Hazel Games

Great Time Pass for Kids:

With the free baby hazel games, the children can spend any time online with these games. And the kids’ involvement with these games is quite alright with the parents as they are free from any negative psychological impact. The only criteria of fulfilling the points achievement by players is to make Baby Hazel happy and contented. If she has completed her work on time and as it should be done the job is done and points are rewarded to the player. Of course the time too has to be checked. For one cannot take an eternity to complete a certain job. It has to be completed within a set time frame, and that is what Baby Hazel Games make the kids achieve. ..

They are indirectly tutored to complete their work on time, or else mummy or Baby Hazel will be making grimace. And no kid would like to make Baby Hazel unhappy or make her cry. All the free baby hazel games come with the benefit of creating a cooperative environment which will bridge the distances between the ids and the parents accompanying their kids in playing these games.  Together parents and children set out as a team to work towards the successful completion of the project, so helping out together is a lesson the kids and parents learn together.

Each of the Baby hazel games come with a story. And it is through this story following, and not merely reading, which is again a work of monotony for most children belonging to the age group of 5-7 years, that the kids learn to become a balanced individual in their real life.

The Baby Hazel Games and stories are virtual imparters of indirect education which the kids can play together with their parents when they are bored with homework from schools. There are also games for teenagers who are passing through a phase which is filled with self doubt, and also an urge to complete jobs all on their own as growing up adults. The Baby Hazel stories cater to them too, to help them in their journey of self actualization.

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