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What Are The 6 Things To Check Before Buying Your First Electric Guitar?

 January 28, 2015  /  Comments Off on What Are The 6 Things To Check Before Buying Your First Electric Guitar?

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The six essential things to be checked before purchasing the first electric guitar are as follows:

What Are The 6 Things To Check Before Buying Your First Electric Guitar?

  1. Check the body style of the guitar: Electric guitars of all types look the same to the untrained eye, but there are many different body styles which may be roughly broken down into few basic categories, each of which have their own playing style and sound sensitivities. Certain styles work better for particular genres of music. Obviously a lot depends on one’s personal style of playing and the music category one opts to play. Solid ones are best suited for punk, metallic music and rock ‘n’ roll. Hollow body types are often used for playing jazz and soft music.
  1. Check the guitar intonation: On picking up a guitar, it is important to first play up the fret board and holds the individual notes. When the string is plucked, it should give a resonant vibration that is heard all over, and it should also last a few seconds. This also depends upon the quality of wood used during the manufacture of the guitar. Also the neck installation affects the sound emitted in a big way. The guitar should ideally be in tune in the 5th and 12th number frets. This can be checked by playing the frets, if it does not seem to be in tune, further modification of the neck installation should be done.
  1. Check the length of scale up to the neck: The scale length is measured by the distance spanning the nut and bridge saddle. It is the length that is actually required for vibration. The scale may differ in length but it is a matter of comfort. It is essential to make sure that the frets are spaced enough at least at a playable distance. There are two basic scales in modern electric guitars, Gibson scale, 24.75 inches and Fender scale, 25.5 inches.
  1. Check the guitar’s action: The action is meant by the distance covering the dimensions of the strings off the fret. When the strings are located further away from the board, it is said that the guitar is high in action. If on the other hand, the strings are placed immediately adjacent to the fret board, the guitar is low in action, which also means that they are easier to access. Hence it is essential to check this so as to determine one’s comfort level with a particular set. Also one should run a check on buzzy frets. The strings can be adjusted by raising them to the desired height.
  1. Ensure the neck comes within reach: Every electric guitar has a number of nut widths that manage the distance between strings. It is essential to check that these nut widths are in accurate positions. Also the back of the neck must be such that it fits snugly in the user’s hands.
  1. Check the bridge: An electric guitar’s bridge features many different designs, some which are more sophisticated or complicated than the others. Some floating types of bridges are tremolo bars that allow one to produce the sound in a desired manner. These can be customized although in some guitars they are maintained in a standard form. Hope this article helps one to buy electric guitars.
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