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Which Facial Sunscreen Is Right For Your Skin Type?

 June 30, 2016  /  Comments Off on Which Facial Sunscreen Is Right For Your Skin Type?

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Sunscreen is extremely important in preventing both skin disease and damage from the sun, which can cause skin cancer. Many people don’t typically think about the different types of skin on your body and will use the same sunscreen all over, instead of buying the best sunscreen for face products. Here are just a few of types of skin or people who need a special kind of sunscreen:

Which Facial Sunscreen Is Right For Your Skin Type?

  1. Children. Children have skin which is much more vulnerable to chemicals. You should especially watch out what kind of sunscreen is used for a child’s face, as it can cause irritation and issues which could be easily avoided. Spray sunscreens are also usually easier to apply for children, since they are typically harder to promote the use of sunscreen for. (Never apply spray sunscreen directly to the face, apply to hands then to face.)
  2. Those who are prone to allergies, acne, or rosacea. It goes without saying that normal sunscreens just won’t cut it for your face if you are prone to any type of breakouts. You don’t want a fragrant sunscreen if you have very sensitive skin, as fragrances tend to irritate the skin.
  3. People with dry skin. Dry skin, or oily skin, can benefit from using the proper sun screen. Look for things on the label which clarify if they are for dry or oily skin.
  4. Those who have very dark skin or very fair skin. Those who have very fair skin should use a higher SPF sunscreen. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have dark skin and do not burn easily, you do still need to use sunscreen. If you have dark skin, there are sunscreens which have smaller particles and can blend more easily so as not to appear chalky.
  5. Those who are older. If you have been around the world for a good while, you have received quite a bit of UV light in your lifetime. The older your skin gets, the more vulnerable it is to the sun. Older people should take this into consideration and use a sunscreen with a higher SPF to keep themselves safe.

There is different facial sunscreen for every type of skin, you can check out the wide selection that beautyspin.com has to get the very best protection while you’re out in the sun! The people at beautyspin.com want what’s best for your skin. Using specific sunscreen for face products will keep your face clean and clear without you having to worry about getting a sunburn!

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  • Published: 3 years ago on June 30, 2016
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