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Winstrol – For Gains In Women

 May 28, 2017  /  Comments Off on Winstrol – For Gains In Women

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Winstrol is used by many athletes for improving the strength and also endurance. It is used for cutting and is best steroid for women and men for gaining lean muscle and also for burning fat. People who are new to using the steroids use winstrol gains depend on the dosage. But a person cannot gain everything just by using steroids even if they use it at high dose. If the dosage is higher, there is more risk of side effects. A person must research about the drug before using it and must know the efficiency of the drug.

Winstrol – For Gains In Women

Benefits of using winstrol

Winstrol has many benefits and this is the reason why many bodybuilders as well as athletes use it. But along with it the person must add balanced as well as nutritious diet along with exercise. The diet must contain proteins and the person must make sure to follow the workouts with proper reps so that they get best results. Gains are not dependent on the dosage. Winsol is a supplement for winstrol which is used by many bodybuilders and athletes. This is legal and many people use it during their cutting cycles and achieve lean mass along with fat loss without causing without water-retention.

Gains and androgenic properties

When a person uses Winstrol, it does not help in the muscle mass development but helps in gaining lean muscle mass. This steroid is used in cutting phase more than in bulking. As winstrol is taken from dihydrotestosterone which is a metabolite testosterone it is mostly used in cutting cycles. This is the reason Winstrol is used mostly for strength gaining rather than for muscle bulking. Many bodybuilders use winstrol for cutting and while dieting.They must make sure to eat balanced and nutritious diet. When winstrol is stacked with other anabolic steroids, the viscosity is increased and this is the reason why many bodybuilders use it. The results differ from men to women and women get best results at lower doses when compared to men. Women are sensitive to anabolic steroids.


Gains from winstrol are not dependent on the dose. Each individual can have different effects even when the person uses same dosage. Men who are looking for cutting will be using 40mg to 60mg each day. Women must not take high dose initially, they need to start with a dose of 15mg each day and the average dose must be from 10mg and the maximum dose should not exceed 50mg. The gains are seen as slight increase in the muscle mass and the body fat is reduced. Virilization is seen in women where they can develop masculine characteristics and the side effects seen are hair growth which is not reversible. Women may also face problems like enlarged clitoris, have irregular menstrual cycles and deeper voice may be seen. There can also be change in the skin color and condition. As the side effects are irreversible, the usage of the steroid must be stopped once the side effects are noted.

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