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Your Best Workout For Weight Loss and Toning Up Is Riding A Bicycle

 March 31, 2016  /  Comments Off on Your Best Workout For Weight Loss and Toning Up Is Riding A Bicycle

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Have you decided to keep in shape cycling? To train well and get results, do not improvise. Here are some  tips to help you.

For Weight Loss

Aerobic activities, such as cycling, involve an effort to steady and prolonged intensity. This allow you to sprint to the body’s metabolism. It means that riding a bicycle for 25 minutes helps you to burn fat immediately, an advantage that continues to the end of activities. But the secret is persistence: you have to ride with a good rhythm for at least one hour, but don’t be anxious to reach immediately your goal. The right intensity is the same that allows you to chat or even humming while pedaling. How many calories can you burn? It’s hard to say exactly, because this value depends on the age, weight and how the fat is distributed in your body. In general, we can calculate that, with an hour of activity, you can burn about 400-500 calories. To lose weight using a bicycle, you don’t need to own it, because bike sharing can help you saving hundred dollars renting one for a few money!

Your Best Workout For Weight Loss and Toning Up Is Riding A Bicycle

To Tone Up

Cycling is a great way to tone up your leg and buttocks muscles to fight cellulitis. Depending on your needs, you have to adjust your training to increase the effort gradually, don’t overdo it. Contrary to what you think, also the arms and abdominals are involved in cycling. For a complete workout, you can commit yourself to do some downturns or a weekly session of body building for chest and arms.

Abs, instead, already working intensely because, while you’re riding your bicycle, these muscles will contract to keep in position on the bike and, above all, to balance muscle contraction. To get the most of your training session, you should do that. When you get in the saddle, you should go slowly for ten minutes, so you start to warm up, then stop and take a few minutes to a light stretching.

Stretch gently (without getting to feel pain) legs’ muscles, trunk and arms. After these exercises, take the bike and ride for 30 minutes at high speed, but steady. Finally, you should end cycling and do 15 minutes of intense stretching: you should hold each position for 40 seconds or more. Stretch well your calves, biceps, chest, and upper back, which are the parts that you contract more when cycling.

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